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Damüls - the snow-richest village of the world


One of the most common points of discussion in the world is the current weather. Amazingly enough, records can be found for the wettest, the dryest and the coldest places on earth, but no record existed for the "snow-richest village of the world". Mount Baker in the USA holds the record for the place with the most snow – in 2003 a stunning 28.96 meters of snow were measured at a ski station. But where is the the "snow-richest populated village on earth"?

The idea to search for the snow-richest populated village on earth was born after Reinhardt Wurzel returned from his siberian expedition to the coldest village on earth (Oimjakon -71,2 °C). Two years of research followed in 2004 and 2005 contacting weather services around the world and researching their records. The result of this intensive research was that the 700 year old village of Damüls in Vorarlberg (Austria) – with an average of 9,3 meters of snow each year - was awarded a new world record in 2006: "The snow-richest village on earth". 9,3 meters of snow each year adds up to almost 100 meters of snow in 10 years!

Damüls, with just 330 residents and accommodation for 1650 guest ranks among the most beautiful winter destinations in the alps. With an altitude of 1300-1700 meters, its protected location and unique climate ensures excellent snow all winter long, and has long become a favourite destination for skiers and snowboarders in Austria.

The Top 5 snow-richest villages according to this study are:

1 – Damüls, Austria, 65,26m
2 – Schröcken-Oberboden, Austria, 63,21m
3 – Braunwald, Switzerland, 61,30m,
4 – Langen, Austria, 57,86m
5 – Stoos, Switzerland, 57,59m

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